We promote girls education

Each scarf provides

School uniform

Students receive a uniform, creating equality in the classroom. A single uniform can transform a life.

School Supplies

Students receive pens, pencils and notebooks, equipping children for a future of opportunity.

One Year Registration Fee

 Students are enabled to attend school and achieve the education they deserve. 

Why educate a girl?

Education is the key to reducing poverty and transforming communities. Studies have shown increased levels of education can yield improved wages and improved livelihoods in the developing world. Lack of education is particularly pronounced with girls. Due to fewer educational outcomes, young girls have bleaker opportunities than boys and are more likely to be trapped in the cycle of poverty. Educated girls not only improve their own conditions economically and socially, but also contribute to the strengthening of their communities. 

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Girls education yields some of the highest returns of all development investment thus both private and social benefits that accrue to individuals, families as well as society”
— Magdalena Moshi